Voice actors object to using profanity in a mob movie of all things

In case you aren’t aware, I’m creating an animatic trailer for my upcoming Kickstarter video. Almost every character from the screenplay has one thing or another to say. This is a movie about criminals, and federal agents, and drug dealers and while not necessarily “bad” people – they aren’t boy scouts.

They swear.

They swear quite often.

If I were to guess, the use of “fuck” and it’s awesome derviatives occurs at least 150+ times througout the screenplay.

So in coming up with a 4-5 page / two minute trailer animatic, dialogue chosen contains some profanity. Nothing outrageously offensive by any means. Lines such as this:

Have you heard of blowback? It’s the unintended consequene of fucking with other peoples affairs. – John Collins

I certainly fuckin‘ hope not. – Tommy Frenzetti

I’m fuckin‘ with you Tommy, there ain’t no fuckin bright side. – Nichols

The animation company sent me several recordings for people they work with. Now let me tell you, hearing someone do “radio pitch voice” and then trying to figure out how they would send giving a dramatic read of a line isn’t easy. But I listened to them all and picked the “cast”.

I then found out that some of them will not use profanity. They wanted to use the word “frickin” or say “effing”. I obviously said no to that and have decided to find other voice actors.

I spoke to an actress and she couldn’t believe that an actor, even just a voice actor, would turn down work due to using profanity.

I’m learning all sorts of interesting things during this process. We’ve got several new sketches up on our Facebook page.

The only set back now is that I need to find actors who aren’t afraid of saying the “f” word.

I might actually enlist a few friends of mine to do it – as we were originally going to do – until I realized having professionals might be a better idea as we not being actors might make the whole roduction come off quite amateurish. I guess we’ll see.

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