A bump in the road and why using radio actors for dramatic readings doesn’t work

Anyone who’s been following along – very few of you for now I know – but any of you know that my idea for the Kickstarter pitch is of course to show a trailer. You can read all about the idea in my post about.

The trailer has seven speaking parts. Danny, Mikey, John, Tommy, Vincent, Nichols, Natalie and Donovan. Shit that’s actually eight parts. As I’m writing this I’m somewhat realizing that maybe I should scale back, but we’ll leave that for another time.

Natalie has one line and Christina Rose provided it and she provided it well. If we get funded I can’t imagine using anyone but her in the role. She seriously matches the look of the character so well that it was definitely a “holy shit” moment when I saw her on twitter the first time. So Natalie is solid and done.

Nichols had a line which required swearing. The line doesn’t work without him saying “fuckin” twice and the voice actors we were going to use had a problem with using profanity so I decided to do Nichols’ line. I had my friend Chris try it a few times but it just wasn’t working. He did a great job with it but it just didn’t match up with what I was going for. Perhaps with some more direction and being in the same room with him he could’ve gotten there.

Vincent. Originally was going to be done by one of the VOX “actors” but after hearing his take, which wasn’t too bad, I went with my buddy Heath – who also did a great job.

So what’s left are the four main characters – the most important parts.

I got the files yesterday.

My mother told me that if I don’t have anything nice to say I shouldn’t say anything at all. Actually she’s never said that at all, and my Mom has said pretty bad things about people, as we all have.

I obviously won’t name names because I think I asked these guys to do something that frankly isn’t in their skill set. They’re radio guys. They do those radio commercials you here and some television spots. That’s why they wouldn’t swear. When I heard their demo reels, I honestly didn’t like any of them, because they all did radio voice and I couldn’t really gauge if any of them would be good for any of the roles.

At that point I should’ve just insisted on finding my own talent and directing them, but I didn’t and ended up wasting money and peoples time. This also sets the animation schedule back as they can’t animate until they have the voice work done.

On that note.

I’m now rethinking the entire “trailer”.

Do I get rid of all the dialogue, save for Christina Rose’s excellent reading for Natalie?

Perhaps just write some voice over narration. Hire a guy with a nice deep voice who has done some trailer work — ya know, the “In a world…” type stuff. .. should I?

After reading this it did dawn on me that there are eight characters in a two-minute trailer. That’s a lot. Albeit no one speaks more than two or three lines and most just have one line.

I’m still not sure which route to take.

I reached out to Aaron Tripp, the guy who actually played John in the first part of our kickstarter video. He expressed an interest in doing VO work. I think I’ll give him a shot at it and if it still doesn’t work, then I’m going to go with the narrator, no dialogue approach with just visuals. Might work? Maybe.

We’ll see.

Still excited about this – just a slight snag in the road to Kickstarter launch.

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