A pitch man, I am not

While emailing back and forth with a good friend of mine about why some people do well in job interviews while other’s do not, I came across an article that summed it up. Narcissists Do Better In Job Interviews, Study Finds. The theory being that, someone who is comfortable in touting their own skills will do better in an environment where self promotion is key to impressing other people.

The hardest part so far in my Kickstarter/Film Making endeavor hasn’t been the back and forth between myself and the animators. It hasn’t been rewriting a screenplay to fit a micro budget and it hasn’t been finding actors to do voice over work – it’s been coming up with a way to pitch the idea, myself, on camera.

I tried it when we did our first “shoot”, and it was pretty awful. Lots of word vomit, eyes dancing all over the place and not really making any sense at all. I mean seriously, why is it so hard to explain what the movie is, why I want to make it, and get people excited about helping me make it? It’s that whole “me” and “I” stuff. I’m not at all comfortable talking about myself. The hardest interview question I ever had wasn’t to write a Boolean function to determine if a string was a palindrome (very easy), it was “Tell me about yourself”. I mean, where do you even start? The beginning? The middle? Hi, I’m Jack, I’m 32 years old. I like movies and baseball and I like to bet on football… I mean seriously what do people want to know? Or is this like the question you ask on a Monday morning “how was your weekend” and anything other than “good” you really don’t care to hear about?

So I tried again to come up with a pitch idea/video. I setup my iPhone and just talked into the camera. I realized that I touch my face and I’m fidgety as all hell. I wonder if I’m like that in real conversation or if I’m just like that with a camera on me. I should ask some people.

This was just a trial run to see if I could try to be somewhat “natural’ on camera. It’s better than the last go round. But again, it’s not very “pitchy”. If I saw this, I don’t know if I’d get excited about helping this guy make his movie. Granted the best part isn’t even done yet – the animatic trailer which Kelly Anelons gave me the idea for and which I’m totally taking credit for now. She’ll understand.

Anyway, I’m glad the animators are taking so long as it gives me plenty of time to come up with better ways of pitching this idea. The trailer will go a long way in doing that for me, hopefully because as of now while this is my script, and hopefully my film, I think I’m the one who might be holding it back. Screw you self doubt.

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