We have a budget, albeit a work in progress.

One way of going about budgeting is to have someone read the script, and go line by line and figure out how much  it all costs and then figure out what is too expensive, what to cut, where to change things etc.. and boom you come up with your budget for the film. Now go raise it!

Another way is to say, we’ll have X amount of dollars, and what will it be spent on. We did that. We’re looking to raise about $100,000 through Kickstarter. We’ll obviously try and raise more, through Kickstarter and through private investment.

But to just ballpark it and get an idea of where money will be spent, we had a budget done. Now some of this will obviously change. I won’t be taking any money for shooting/writing. Also, about 17% is allocated to the cast. I’d actually like to see that approach more towards 30-40% and try and reduce some of the other expenditures as casting is everything.

But anyway if you’re curious to see what a film budget looks like:

4 of a Kind Budget

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