Kickstarter Campaign: Day One – And Here We Go…

137 days ago I posted the first entry on this blog.

Back then we had just finished shooting the video and I had written a trailer and hired an animation studio to create our trailer.

Well the trailer didn’t happen and that probably cost us almost three months. I won’t get into details, but we’ll just leave it as it wasn’t going to help us get backers. I did get some nice voice over work, specifically from Chris AshworthChristina Rose and a surprisingly good read from Bret Amundson who I found on Voices 1-2-3;  so it wasn’t a total wash as I’ll definitely try and get them for the film. We also were able to use some of the images/animation into the kickstarter video as well.

Someone asked me the other day if I was excited. Relieved seems the more appropriate adjective. I’ve been looking at doing this for the last five months and I’m happy to finally see if anyone is interested in helping us get this film made.

Gun to my head, I’d say we have a great shot at it. I think we put together a compelling argument, a solid video and a good team of people who are eager to help.

In all honesty, I’m not sure what I’m more afraid of:

Not raising enough and failing


Raising the full amount and then having to actually shoot this film.

I of course hope to raise the money and shoot the movie, but if we don’t, then it’s still just a screenplay on my hard drive with no real pressure. Once we raise the money, the countdown starts.

39 days

So I wanted to have the campaign run for either 29 days (my lucky number – well it’s not lucky it’s just the day I was born) or 37 days. Why 37?

Well we ended up with 39 because according to some stats people and data metrics it’s best to launch on a Monday and end on a Friday. 29 days was deemed too short of a time frame.

I plan on posting an update to this blog every single night of the campaign. Will I? I hope so, but it’s entirely possible a day will go by with nothing to report. I forsee that as a bad thing, but I think this might serve some future Kickstarter campaigns in seeing the amount of work and time that goes into running one of these things. Also it might help my sanity at the end of the day to decompress and figure out what is or isn’t working.


Day one saw us accumulate 41 backers and total over $3000.  Not bad. Was hoping to get a bit more but $3000 keeps us on the trending curve towards 100%.

Film courage posted a blog post I wrote about my vision problem and my desire to make this movie. You can read it here: Go Big or Go Blind.

It’s Just Movies did a cover story about my project, much thanks to them for that.

I appeared on the Reels, Racks, Records, and Rants Podcast with two long time friends of mine. Good times were had by all at the expense of Jim Kupka.

Some cool things that happened on Day One.

Matthew Lillard tweeted about us.

Matthew Lillard

Matthew Lillard Tweets

Chris Ashworth made a post on Facebook about us.

Chris Ashworth

Chris Ashworth tweet

Day two commences. This is going to be a long 39 days.

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