Kickstarter Campaign: Day Two – Quieter On The Western Front

After the initial launch I expected just about exactly what we got.  In order to meet our goal we need to raise $2,564 per day. Yesterday we raised $3300.  Good.  Today we raised about $500.

What surprised me most about today was we had gone from last night around 10pm, until almost 2pm today without a single backer. I labeled it our first backer drought. It’s that time of the campaign I’m sure everyone hits where they think “will anyone back it again over the next 38 days?”  And then we got about 10 backers in a five minute window.

Obviously if we have days like today for the rest of the campaign we won’t make it. Our major press hasn’t gone out yet and I still have a few blog posts, podcast and interviews going on which will definitely help. But today was a reminder of how hard this endeavor will be. One of the coolest ideas we came up with was to create eye charts for each of our backers. We find them on Facebook, and tag them. It might not lead to much but I think it’s a niffty way to engage our backers.

We currently stand at 58 strong. Thank you again.

Another thing I wasn’t expecting, though I’m not sure why was the “spam” I’ve been getting.  It’s not junk mail, but it’s people who e-mail you through your Kickstarter and offer their services. Actually all of them have offered to provide music for the movie. Without realizing this at the time, we planned for this. Our $100 reward let’s you put anything you own the rights to in our movie. Anything (well within reason). So if you have a song, or music you want in the movie, just give us $100 and it’s in there. I assume most of these musicians want us to pay them to score the film or to use their songs but if they’re as unknown as I am; $100 to get your work in a movie seems pretty cool to me.

Right now, I’m answering some interview questions for Movie Vine and one of the questions is what would my mafia nick name be? I’m totally not feeling clever at all at the moment so if you can think of anything, leave your comments below.

Day three is almost here. Our press releases should be hitting, whatever it is a press release hits, tomorrow and we’ll see if anyone in the media picks it up.

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