Kickstarter Campaign: Day Three – I’m 37?!

With 37 days remaining we’re actually at the point where I wanted to start this whole endeavor but with two days already in the books. Technically three days in the books as we launched with an hour left Sunday night. So if you ever check out a site like Kicktraq you’ll see our daily average and trending are off by a day, but that’s somewhat minor at this point. Right now we’re trending to reach about 45% of our goal. These aren’t projections, it just takes your daily balance and multiplies it by your total number of days and that’s your trend line.

Tomorrow someone could give $15,000 and we’d suddenly be trending towards a lot more, so again just trends, not projections.

Having said that, we’re still under our daily requirement, if you want to believe in averages etc..  Today we raised more than yesterday, which when running a Kickstarter campaign is the entire point. We have almost $200 more with one less backer. Currently we’re at 72 with $4,439 raised as of this writing.

Kickstarter gives you a pretty thorough dashboard while running a campaign so you can see where your backers are coming from and percentages.

Something I found interesting was where our backers are coming from.

Right now Facebook leads the way with 21 referrals which has totaled $841. We’ve received 16 backers through Twitter, but only have totaled $386. So the average donation from Twitter has been $24.125 which is still great since the vast majority of twitter backers are going to be strangers. The thing that caught my eye about this was that we’ve done a ton of outreach through Twitter. It’s almost the primary way we’re getting the word out and so far while it’s attained the second most referrals it’s not getting us any big time backers, which we’re going to need to reach the goal. This isn’t a knock against Twitter by any means, but just something interesting I noticed about our strategy.

Search through Kickstarter has gotten us $745 through 5 backers. The press release website got us $300 from two backers.

Very interesting metric stuff that once the campaign is over we can look back and figure out what really worked, what sorta worked, what didn’t work at all and where do most of your big time backers come from? Currently they’re coming from direct traffic meaning I gave them the link. That makes sense since I did that for a few people whom I knew wanted to back the project early.

So this post was a bit metrics heavy, but you kinda need to follow this stuff to adjust your strategy and see where and what is working. Fun stuff.

We’re in the process of coming up with a cool $75.00 reward. Have you seen our customized eye charts? Like this one:

Well we’re thinking about making these posters for each person who backs the project at $75.00  We need to check our margins though as created one unique poster per person is vastly more expensive than printing the same poster. So be on the look out for that once we announce it.

Day four nears.

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