Kickstarter Campaign: Day Four – Neil Gaiman Said What’s Up

$5,296 : 110

So this is pretty cool right? Neil Gaiman mentioned the campaign on twitter.

I got some more feedback on the screenplay. It’s still in the middle of being rewritten again, but this was nice to read:

For a post-Tarantino slice of noir crime drama, this story carves out its own piece of the pie and keeps us hooked with a nice blend of bloody violence and rapid-fire exposition that keeps the action unfolding like a Venus flytrap to draw the reader in, while simultaneously tightening its noose around our necks. Some of the dialogue crackles so strong, the exchanges jump off the page. At times, we can practically hear these characters yelling in our heads.

We’re still under performing on daily average. Again you know my thoughts on trends and averages, but the good news is the word is getting out there!

We had something strange happen today and I’m not sure what made it happen. While Kickstarter provides you with a pretty solid metrics dashboard, it’s not like Google Analytics. In the span of about an hour we had over fifteen (15) backers. Low dollar amount backers, mainly $5 and $10 levels, but 15 backers is 15 backers! I’ll take that all day. I’m just wondering where the surge came from. If someone posted a tweet, a blog? Something?

We’re doing quite well on the low end, which of course is expected. People aren’t just going to magically give you thousands of dollars. Sure someone might but the odds are long. Your bread and butter is below $100. Right now we’re attracting too many sub $50, which leads us to possibly adding a $75 reward to try and get more backers at that level.

Our average pledge amount is $48.15

Again, that probably would be okay if we weren’t trying to raise such a high amount of money. With the amount we’re looking for, we need somewhere closer to $75 or !00. With the lack of a major audience, I started this campaign with 300 followers and 1200 facebook likes basically purchased through Facebook ads – so I have almost no following, so putting this campaign in front of as many eyes as possible is going to be hard, therefore we need to try and capitalize the most from each backer as we’ll most likely not be able to get over 1000 backers. Actually at our current pledge rate we’d need 2076 backers to reach $100,000.  Doesn’t seem likely.

I want to just say at this point, I’m by no means complaining. I’m using this blog to potentially help future Kickstarter campaigns and get them to think about how much work goes into this, and how the numbers sort themselves out and how averages and trends and projections can fit into your overall strategy.

So day four is in the books, almost and as of right now we’re at $5,296 with 110 backers. Part of me is amazed we’ve gotten that much, and 110 people?! Incredible. But my analytic hat comes on and realizes how far behind we are already. Then again, all it takes is a few backers to put right above the trend – so thank you again for spreading the word and keeping this campaign going strong.

Also, make sure you check out our Press page to see articles I’m mentioned in or have written, podcasts, mentions by other actors or famous writers with awesome spouses – you know stuff like that.

Day five is tomorrow. It’s Friday….Friday….

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