Kickstarter Campaign: Day Six – Lazy Saturday

$6,196 : 127

As I thought, today was a very slow day. Seven new backers, but under $100 raised.  At this point I’m not looking at the trend lines anymore as it’s not really important.  With well over a month to go, we’ll either attract some larger donors or we won’t. We’ll either attract a larger audience or we won’t. Part of me is still amazed we’ve raised this much so far. I was worried we’d raise $200 or less. So again thank you to everyone who has backed, seriously. If you didn’t get an e-mail from me or a tweet, yell at me. I’ve tried to thank each of you personally.

So today being a very slow day there wasn’t much to report. Something kind of funny which happened today was we got Kevin Connolly to follow Harmony Joy. Harmony Joy is an aspiring actress I met on Twitter who I recommended for a screenplay I wrote which was optioned. She seriously fit the look perfectly. She and Chrissy Chambers for that matter. Chrissy actually put together an audition for it. Unfortunately that project is in limbo now.

Back to Harmony Joy. She has quite the crush on Kevin Connolly so over the course of several tweets, many of which involve us mentioning this Kickstarter and including them both in the tweets; he finally followed her. Now we just need her to get him to follow me, watch the Kickstarter page, like it, tweet about it and well yeah. Like I said, slow day.

This was actually an early strategy I thought of prior to launching, way back when. List the actors who I wanted to be in the movie, and their Twitter accounts and ask our loyal backers to spam let them know about the project. That probably isn’t a good idea as it will just bother them and you should just go through the proper channels of calling their agent, but fuck it; its an idea.

So on that note, Day Six was really slow, let’s hope Day Seven is a bit better.

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