Kickstarter Campaign: Day Eight – The Business Aspect

$7,021 : 140

Today was a bad day. It was a slow day which is fine, we’re going to have those, but today was a really slow day. We had a new article go up at Movie Vine by Jan Ostegard about the project, and we were still pretty anemic as far a backers and amount raised. Again, over a month to go. We could raise the entire amount in one day, so at no point would I quit this or decide we’ve run our course and just let it wither and die.

What made today a bad day was Kickstarter’s account verification system in regards to Amazon Payments.

Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments to handle their credit card processing. This is good and bad.

Good: Amazon is reputable, almost everyone has an Amazon account and Amazon does fraud prevention much better than Kickstarter could at this point. It’s reall a win/win for both companies.

Bad: You not only need a Kickstarter account but an Amazon account to back a project. Theres no “quick way” of backing a project. You either select the reward or just click the “back the project’ button. You then select your amount by typing it in, if it’s not filled in already and then you scroll all the way down and click Next.  You are then sent to a page, which tells you that you need to transfer to amazon. You click another button. Then you go through the payment processing of Amazon. Another click.

That’s a lot of clicking. Granted it hasn’t stopped the hundreds of successful Kickstarter projects so this is no excuse as to why we’re lacking in backers. Not at all. It’s just letting you know the amount of work that goes into actually backing a project. Hopefully you already know since you backed the project right? Right? 🙂

So in order to setup a Kickstarter you need to create an Amazon Payments profile. Back in February when I first started messing around with the project creation “tool”, I linked my personal account to Kickstarter, had my bank verified and all was done.

Then I realized I needed to form a business to handle the processing correctly. No problem. I went back through the process, which requires you to click on a link from the Account tab. You are redirected to Amazon. Here I signed in with a new e-mail address associated with my business, filled out all the proper forms and presto all done.

Problem? The Kickstarter software never saw this. Apparently once you have a payments account linked, it will never change. Nowhere on their site does it say this. Nowhere on the Account tab does it list which payments account is associated with your Kickstarter project.

So I launched thinking that the business account was setup correctly. Wrong. It’s pointed toward my personal payments account.

The whole point of setting up a new business, changing the fiscal year etc.. is now basically worthless. Kickstarter has said in multiple e-mails from their support that my only remedy is to cancel the project, and start over. Not gonna happen. I can contact Amazon Payments and see if they can update my personal to a business and use my FEIN instead of my SSN. If that’s the case, no harm no foul. If it’s not the case, then I’m going to be really screwed on taxes at the end of the year.

This is both mine and Kickstarter’s fault. Mine for not ensuring 100% they had the correct payment account linked. Theirs for not listing which payment account is linked and more so, their software not updating when a new payment account is “created”.

I really hope Kickstarter either updates their software or at least lists which Amazon Payment account is connected to your account.

The White Sox won 7-4 at least, and are now just one game back of the Detroit Tigers. So today wasn’t a complete waste.

Lucas McNelly also has an article up about the behind the scenes strategy and numbers associated with the campaign. If you’re into that sorta thing.

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