Kickstarter Campaign: Day Nine – The Inherent Flaw Part Two

$7,316 : 150

So around 7 PM this evening, feeling pretty shitty about this whole campaign we got on a bit of a roll. Granted we’ve been dead as dead for the past few days, but for a short while Lucas McNelly and I got into a bit of a back and forth on twitter.

He started to annoy the shit out of ask his followers to help us get to 150 backers. See, right now we actulaly have an okay number of backers. We just haven’t attracted many high level backers. Which we’re working on. It’d be nice to be at about 300 backers by now, but 150 isn’t bad.

So little by little we added more backers including Kevin Goldstein, a baseball stat reporter I’ve heard many times on 670 The Score.

So we got up to 150. We’re still monstrously behind. We would need two people to give $10,000 each at this point to be even. So we have about 30 days to go and we need to raise $92,684, which is $2,989 per day.

Start the drinking now. Heavily. Go.

The Chicago Reader interviewed me today. I’ll post a link to the article once it’s on their website. I’m also on a radio show tomorrow called “Money Matters”.  Should be interesting. I’m not really sure what we’re going to talk about. Perhaps the financials or how Kickstarter works. I assume they won’t be curious about my inciting incident or act two mid point. Actually I hope not, it’s nice to talk about a film without talking about story point sometimes.

Day Ten begins tomorrow.

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