Kickstarter Campaign: Day Ten – Censorship and Gun Crime

$8,091 : 169

OK – I’ll come straight to the point. – Right now [REDACTED] isn’t 
touching anything which involves gun crime mainly due to the Denver 
tragedy. I’ve assessed the material and unfortunately the small 
trailer does involve guns and for that reason I cannot proceed with 
promoting the project. 

This came from an online publication Lynette Carrington reached out to, to help promote the campaign.

On Friday last week someone e-mailed me and said I might want to take down the gun imagery on my site, maybe just for the day. What I said was:

If it (gun imagery) does offend some people, I’d rather fail at this, then take down some imagery that had nothing to do with something as some sort of an implicit recognition that gun imagery on a poster would aid some psychopath into shooting a room full of strangers

Francis Almeda came up with our poster/cover image in March of this year. David Aaron Tripp acted out the scene in February which was written several years ago. Did any of this contribute to James Holmes descent into darkness and ultimate decision to massacre a room full of strangers?

If it did, I’ll take it down right now, pack it all up and call it a day. I’ll never write another scene with a gun or violence. I’ll write stores about kittens, and dolphins and fucking Unicorns, because if solving violent crime is that easy well then I’d hope we would’ve done it by now.

But it’s not.

You know that.

I know that.

So why do we fool ourselves into thinking that sheltering the public from such things does anything positive?

If my campaign had a photo or animation or video of a mad man storming a movie theater and executing people well then I’d take it down. Not because it contributes to violence or gun crime but because it’s the right thing to do and it’s in poor tastes to keep it up with the shooting not even one week old.

But it’s not. It’s a fucking gun. The gun doesn’t even go off in the video we shot. The guy holds it, points it, nothing happens. If he was holding a giant knife no one would give a shit.

So just thought I’d share that with you guys. I’m sure they won’t be the first who has a problem with the “gun imagery” but I just think it’s all sorts of ridiculous.

Today was an okay day. We passed the $8000 mark. The $7k – $8k was a tough one. Today we raised almost $1,000 and had over 18 new backers.

I did a segment on Money Matters today, my first time on the radio. I’m not sure when my exact segment will be posted, but you can find it here

Still no luck in attracting any higher end backers. Lucas McNelly and I pestered the hell out of Chad Ochocinco on Twitter today. We even had a former cheerleader for the Bengals mention him, but to no avail. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to be a film producer. Child please.

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