Kickstarter Campaign: Day Eleven – The First $10,000 is the hardest

$10,384 : 181

Getting the first backer who wasn’t related to me, didn’t work with me or didn’t know me was the first goal. That came early on day one.

Getting significant donations from a complete stranger? And by significant I mean $100 or more came on day two.

Getting a substantial amount from a complete stranger;  $500 and above came on Day Seven.

There are building blocks, baby steps to this campaign. As I’ve stated many times I didn’t have an audience. I had no list of people to contact other than family, friends and co-workers. Granted they all came out and came out huge, but if I could raise $100,000 just by asking them there’s no point in doing a Kickstarter. So you have to find a way to get the other people involved.

We finally crossed over the $10,000 threshold. This is significant only symbolically. The real threshold is 33%.  33% seems to be the tipping point for campaigns. You get 33% your odds of getting 100% go up exponentially. Why? Perhaps at that point your backers realize it’s actually possible. Perhaps at that point you’ve achived some level of critical mass and the snowball has formed and that’s when someone gently kicks it down the hill. Momentum.

Momentum seems to be everything in this campaign. The long droughts are usually quenched with a rush of backers. We’ll go twelve hours with no one, then have ten in five minutes. I haven’t figured out what causes that yet. Am I missing someones well written tweet that suddenly jolts their followers into action? Is a website posting a link to the campaign which I’m not seeing? Either way, something works at time, while at others nothing seems to work.

Turnstyle news interviewed me today and his final question centered around my thoughts about this campaign. Anyone reading can see that while I’m ever hopeful, it’s not going as well as I had thought or hoped. For every success such as Man-Child or Best Friends Forver there are hundreds more that just didn’t gain an audience such as The Tour.

One thing someone pointed out was the fact that I haven’t posted any videos. I’m much better in text than in a video. Personally, I can’t stand to watch myself and would much rather people just read these blog posts to get a better understanding of updates and what’s transpiring. But with people backing “you” it’s helpful for them to see you. So tonight I posted my first video update which you can watch here:

I am Jack’s First Video Update

Another thing brought to my attention was the lack of actual specifics surrounding the film. Early on in the pitch video creation process, I took someones advice a bit too extreme. They talked about the fact that Kickstarter is more about you than it is about your movie. No one gives a shit about your movie, yet. So I took out any mention of the story, plot, theme, characters, teaser poster, conclusion, etc..  Granted some is left in the pitch video but it’s basically just a visual logline.

So this is where more updates will come from. I’m putting together a video to showcase locations I hope to shoot at and to discuss the film overall. I won’t be shooting any scenes, but I think being able to express what I’m trying to do with the film will help some people understand what we’re doing here.

So it took over ten days to reach $10,000. Not ideal but we made it.

Day Twelve and the next $10,000 are right around the corner.

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