Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirteen – Nothing worth achieving was ever easy

$10,564: 189

2.8 is the ratio of Facebook “Likes” to the number of backers. That’s a good ratio. Likes are free. Backing the project, even with $1 is not free. Anything under 4 is considered “good”.

Good means the people who like your page enough to click like are generally inclined to give you money. We’re at 2.8 which is good. Now we need to get eyes on the page. We’re lacking in volume at this point. Or are we?

There have been 1,120 plays of the pitch video. Of which about 35% watched the whole thing. So that’s 392. Some simple math would show there’s over 110 people who watched the entire pitch video and didn’t give a dime. Now I don’t think Kickstarter is actually tracking unique plays. If someone played the video 10 times, that’s still just one person so the data isn’t rock solid.

It looks like, at the rate we’re going, we would need 2000 people to back the project. The average pledge per backer hovers around $50. Unless we magically come across some wealthy backers, we really need to step up the volume. The only problem with that is I’m not sure what else to do at this point to get that level of volume.

A company which ran just our press release has now asked for a more in-depth interview, which is cool. I love talking about the project, the campaign and most of all the story/script/film. I actually posted a video on Vimeo discussing Act One. It’ll be part of our Kickstarter update but you can view it below now:

Act One

I never imagined this campaign would be easy. There was no way we’d magically go viral and the grinding for each backer wouldn’t be necessary. I knew that going in. What has surprised me is the mood swings. I go from adulation to utter despair in a matter of hours sometimes. When it seems like we’re on a crazy roll of new backers only to get three for an entire 24 hour cycle. As the title of this post reiterates, nothing worth achieving is every easy. Even the Ouya guys who raised millions on day one of their Kickstarter didn’t just come up with some video and make millions. Years of hard work went into their product and their product struck a chord with people. None of this is easy. Then again, it shouldn’t be.

Not much else to report for today. I did get a call from Sergei Malatov. I wonder if he’ll let me play the voice mail?

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