Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twelve – The Red Eye Has A CTA Reporter

$10,440 : 186

Another awfully slow day. Only five new backers. I had some slight hope that surpassing $10,000 might have energized the base a little, then I realized I never actually updated anyone that we did pass $10,000.

When we shot the video of David Aaron Tripp in the bathroom with the gun, and he comes out of the bathroom we didn’t just cut. We had this whole thing planned where he freezes. Cut to me in the chair asking him why he stopped? I then turn to the camera and say “Did we run out of money?”  – Hilarious right? Well the main problem was I didn’t really have anything prepared and it showed.

I hated it. It was awful.

With time running out on our bar rental, I just rambled and incoherently tried to explain why I want to make this movie.

I didn’t like any of it and so I used almost none of it.

The only part I didn’t mind was when I talked about something Quentin Tarantino mentioned at a Comic Con about making a fucking kick ass movie. I misquote and say ‘bad ass movie” but you’ll get the idea. Both videas can be found at the link below:

Go Make Reservoir Dogs

Tracy Swartz from the Red Eye contacted me today after seeing my interview in the Chicago Reader. She’s the transit reporter which I didn’t even know papers had and she was curious about my comments regarding the cost associated with shooting on CTA property. We also discussed the type of scenes I’d like to get across while shooting on the CTA. Look for that on Tuesday in the Red Eye.

Day Thirteen has already begun. It’s early and we have two new backers this morning.

Rock n roll people.

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