Kickstarter Campaign: Day Fourteen – Allow me to re-introduce myself

$10,899 : 204

With just under $400 raised and 14 new backers, today was a better day then the last few.

Let’s get away from the numbers for a minute or two.


I thought I’d let you guys know a bit more about myself.

I’m Jack Marchetti. I’m 32.  I live in a suburb of Chicago. I grew up in a rather tough neighborhood called Pilsen on the southwest side. A predominantly Hispanic area, I lived above my Father’s Italian restaurant for about 24 years, then lived in an apartment in the same neighborhood for three more. I’m a software developer by trade. I’ve written several screenplays one of which has been optioned.

My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. I proably couldnt give a Top 5, but Se7en, Reservoir Dogs, Star Wars (all of em), Shawshank Redemption, True Romance, Fight Club are in my top list.

David Fincher is my favorite director. I love the way Tony Scott films look.

I have a non sexual crush on Aaron Sorkin’s writing. His self righteousness gets on my nerves but the mans got skill.

The Wire is my all time favorite TV show. Breaking Bad is gaining ground and I’ve seen every episode of The West Wing about 15 times.

My favorite book on screenwriting is “How NOT To Write a Screenplay”. I recommend it to everyone. Save the Cat while helpful probably did more to screw up one of my scripts than anything else. Not everything is meant to fit into that formula. While it’s helpful, it can suck the life out of your story if you try and neatly fit it into a formula. So be cautious. Use your judgement.

I work at an advertising agency. You’d think I’d figure out how to get more eyes on the page.

I’m a PC, yet I own an iPhone.

I’m a Virgo.

Michael Jackson and I share the same birthday. I once owned the beat it jacket. My father was not proud of this.

I like rap music and heavy metal, although I’ll listen to almost anything other than country. My iPod shuffle once went from Slayer to Outkast to Pure Moods.

In this screenplay, the Danny character was originally named Bravi. Vincent the mob boss was originally called Tony. The main character John switched to Patrick, then back to John to keep a joke in the script. Mikey was named after Mike Gaynor my co-writer who has since left the project. John is named after me. My real name is John. Natalie was named after Natalie Hurley who was played by Sabrina Lloyd on Sports Night…which leads me to —

I pictured Josh Charles as the main character when I first wrote this. I was watching a lot of sports night at the time. I actually tweeted this to him and hr responded back with a “good luck”. You can read it here:

I don’t know if I’m more afraid of not raising the $100,000 and looking like a failure or raising the amount and having to actually produce something.

$100,000 was my third choice of how much to raise. At first it was $250,000 which was the budget for Chasing Amy. Then to be ballsy (stupid) I decided on trying to raise $1 million. Then settled back on $100,000.

Renting a RED EPIC for an 18 day shoot will cost close to $10,000. Probably more.

Film permits cost $25 in Chicago.

Shooting on a CTA platform costs $2000 per day.

Shooting on a CTA train car costs $950.

One of the opening scenes of the movie where a character steps onto the train and later transfers, if done with correct permits, would cost us 5-7% of our budget.

That’s about all I got for this installment. Got anything else you’re curious about just leave a comment.

I wanted to say thanks to “No Film School” for their article they posted today about me and the campaign.

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