Kickstarter Campaign: Day Fifteen – Are you there God? It’s me Jack. I need 89 grand.

$11,125 : 211

While contemplating the magnitude of raising another $90,000 I had a friend of mine today bask in the fact that we were still stuck on 10%. I won’t name him, nor do I think he meant it in the way it came off. But mentioning someone is at only 10% of their funding goal, close to half way through the campaign is like telling a smoker that it’s bad for them.

You just sound like an asshole.

Then we hit $11,000 today! Another milestone. No longer stuck at 10%.

More backers equals more ambassadors as we close in on the final week when magic can truly happy. I doubt magic in the form of 90k could happen, but if we’re at least 1/3 of the way there with one week to go I honestly think we have a shot. Only because at our pledge rate we would need 660 backers to get to $33k. That’s a lot of people who can champion the cause.

Nothing really noteworthy to mention today. I’m writing two more blog posts which I’m having trouble with. I’ve written so many for the campaign so far, and I write one every day for this site, albeit these are much shorter and more just daily recaps. But I’m having a really hard time writing these two blog posts since they’re basically the exact same topic only they need to be different enough to be unique to each site. Tough job. Film Courage and I got into a bit of a Q&A tonight on Twitter and they pointed out if I had any idea I’d be doing this much writing for the campaign. I did not. Not by a long shot.

Day Sixteen commences tomorrow. Two weeks already? Wow.

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