Kickstarter Campaign: Day Eighteen – Kickstarter is Las Vegas

$12,881 : 263

Kickstarter is the new Las Vegas.

It totally is.

Ever been to Vegas? You know how it is when you’re winning? When no matter what you do whether it be a slot machine, black jack, caribbean stud or roulette you just keep winning. You go to Bellagio with a grand walk out with four? You go to Bally’s with your last five hundred bucks and walk out the following day with seven grand and have no idea what day it is? When after you’ve charged every meal and every beer and every pack of smokes and every everything on the room and you check out and they actually give you money back instead of charging you for anything because you gambled so much?

That Vegas? The awesome amazing time vegas? Yeah? That’s Kickstarter when your e-mail keeps blowing up with new backers. $10 here, $25 here. $75. $150. $250.

It’s a rush. It’s infectious. It’s validating.

Ever go to Vegas and lose your ass off?

Ever walk into MGM Grand with a thousand and walk out with two more ATM receipts totaling $600 + $25 in ATM fees?  You ever stand in line behind ten other people at the ATM and jokingly blurt out that “this must be the winners line.” Keep a mental note of their looks.  Ever go to a strip club there for your buddy’s bachelor party and have to tell a stripper that all you got is a five and you can’t even buy a beer? Ever blow your entire bank roll five hours into a three day trip? I haven’t, but I’ve seen a friend do it. He sat in the hotel room for the next three days and only came out to get coffee with us. He’d often ask for a c-note to try and start his triumphant comeback but we all knew it wasn’t gonna happen. His failure reflected our own, we just managed money better.

So you’ve been there right? The losing streak. It’s the worst place in the world to be. Because all around, you keep hearing the slots ring out new winners. You hear the asshole at the craps table erupt with glee. The drunken idiot at roulette screaming because she accidentally put a black chip on black 29 and just won $3500 by accident and you have three pennies and a ball of lint in your pocket?

That’s what Kickstarter felt like yesterday.

We made $40 yesterday.

We made $1413 today.

Today > Yesterday.

What accounts for that? Well a nicely worded and placed article in Agency Spy unleashed the hounds. Agency Spy is kinda like porn for advertising people. I work in advertising. I never really sent out a big “Hey everyone back my Kickstarter” e-mail. I felt it’d be too umm beggy? I had a guy today yell at me for not financing my own film. He was offended that I’d ask strangers for money to make a movie. I’m assuming he thinks Chris Nolan bankrolled The Dark Knight Rises, but I digress. Anyway, so this agency spy article hit and the super generous people I work with starting backing and backing. They shared it on Facebook and “liked” it and up the number went, and up.

It was our best day since day one.

Day Nineteen here we come. The weekends (including Friday) have sucked for us. Two Fridays ago we know what happened, and last Friday was slow for us. Let’s hope we buck the trend and we have more todays than yesterdays. That sounds like a shitty Bob Dylan song.

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