Kickstarter Campaign: Day Nineteen – I used to wear JNCO jeans. I’m okay with this.

$13,280 : 287

I was on the Cutting Room Floor podcast last night with Casey Ryan. You can listen to that here.

Today was another solid day. Almost another $1,000 raised from 24 new backers. We’re closing in on 300 of you awesome people.

Coming up next week I have an interview with Rex Sikes. I’m also meeting with two investors. At this point I know they have an interest in the film but I have no idea how much they’re looking to invest/pledge. So it should be an interesting week.

We are officially at less than three weeks left. I haven’t really tracked my time on this at all, but I’d say at least eight hours a day are being spent doing something related to this project. Whether it be annoying you on Twitter, e-mailing potential sponsors, updating this blog post, writing blog posts, etc..

It’s a lot of work that hopefully will bear fruit.

Day Twenty is here. Keep it rolling people.

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