Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty – Where’s Avon Barksdale when you need him.

$14,126 : 292

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love “The Wire”.

There’s a scene where recent ex-con Cutty decides to no longer be part of “the game” and he wants to open up a gym. He wants to teach kids how to box. So he finds Avon and pitches him.

He pitches him hard. Well, just watch the video below. The scene I’m talking about takes place around 1:40 into the clip:

Here’s to hoping I run into a bit of that along the way during the final three weeks of this Kickstarter.

Today was a typical Saturday. 5 new backers, around $300.

I put together a short clip showing some scenes/locations I hope to use when we get funded. You can check it out here on Vimeo.

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