Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Two – Marty Lang is in the house? My backer.

$14,801 : 313

The internet can be a dark place. Filled with vile anonymous assholes, trolling douche bags and just hurtful pricks. I know this. You know this. When there are plugins designed to garble YouTube comments so they are unreadable, and when bloggers want to disable comments to avoid the hassle you know the whole idea of a free and open place to share and learn from each other somehow is getting lost.

Well it’s not completely lost. It’s not completely full of assholes.

One of the ideas Lucas McNelly had for the campaign was to line up “pimps” for the day. People with a decent number of Twitter followers (1000+) who would spend the day promoting the campaign. Granted this goes back to something I brought up early on about The Inherit Flaw, but whatever. It’s a good idea.

Marty Lang wasn’t our first pimp of the day. He won’t be the last. We’ve had several people spend hours promoting the project and annoying the shit out of their followers with talk of this campaign. In the early days when it became apparent that $100k was going to be almost impossible to reach, doubt crept in and the idea of quitting to avoid the embarrassment of raising such a low percentage of the total grew stronger.

I’d never quit this campaign and it’s because of people like Marty Lang or Jeanne Bowerman who have worked a lot of free hours to help get this campaign where it is. We’re close to $15,000 and over 300 backers. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself and I owe it to the tireless effort of people like Marty Lang and the Twitter Pimps of the day.

It’s people like this that make the internet useful. Want a better idea of why? Here’s a short video Marty did talking about why he wanted to help out:

Day Twenty Three will have me spending an hour with Rex Sikes. That’s a lot of time for me to ramble. Hope you tune in.

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