Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Three – My friends do not like strippers or boobs.

$14,906 : 320

I had a close to ninety minute interview with Rex Sikes on his podcast today. You can eheck that out here. When Rex told me that we’d be talking for an hour or more I thought “how the fuck am I going to talk for an hour”. 45 minutes into it I think I answered two or three questions because if you ask me an open ended question I will ramble on you like a motherfucker. Hopefully there was some useful information or entertaining moments found. It’s probably best suited for those looking to Kickstart a project and to learn the trials, tribulations etc..

We were officially listed on IMDB today, which is somewhat of a dream come true. To see: Writer: Jack Marchetti. Pretty cool shit.

At around 6pm I received an e-mail from one of our potential invesotrs. She owns four strip clubs on the south side of city and burbs. She asked if I could make it out to her club tonight and meet with her around 10. If I were cool with driving at night to an unfamiliar area that’d be fine, but I also can’t see a damn thing in strip clubs. They’re typically too dark and well they’re kinda pointless if you can’t see anything.

So I reached out to a few friends to get a ride. Couldn’t find any.

This is what having friends with family looks like.

This is what having friends with careers looks like.

Getting old and mature sucks.

For the record, I have a career too. I would’ve sacrificed the sleep in order to meet with this potential investor because I care. Seriously. It has nothing to do with naked women who I cannot see in a strip club. I swear.

So that got pushed back to either this Friday or the 17th which would put as at the one week mark left in the campaign. By the 17th I’m hopeful we’re at $40-$50k If we aren’t anywhere near there then the final week will be quite difficult. These Kickstarter campaigns go into high gear in the final days, but if and only if you’re close to the mark. If we’re 80k away at that point, then people will see the writing on the wall and they won’t engage. So it’s critical at this point to line up some angel investors and get them to back.

I meet with the first one on Thursday, hopefully. I will miss the Chicago Bears preseason opener, but well ya know, business and all.

Film Maker magazine ran an article/post I write which was quite kind of them to do. You can check that out here as well.

Getting a credit on IMDB. That’s one life long bucket list thing to knock off and if you can do that during a day then it was a good day. It was a good day indeed.

We raised almost nothing today, although we did have 7 backers so that’s still good. But yeah. IMDB credit. staying positive. Rock on.

Hoping Day Twenty Four doesn’t suck.

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