Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Four – Arbitrary goals and the dog days of Kickstarter

$15,086 : 326

Yeah maybe we can go together and eat a bunch of caramels. When you think about it, it’s as arbitrary as drinking coffee. – Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies, for lines that like. We cracked $15,000 yesterday. A milestone in and of itself, but just an arbitrary one. Why is it any different than surpassing $14,900? Oh I’ll just shut up now.

Baseball players will often refer to August as the dog days  of summer. By August you’re pretty well aware on whether or not your team has any shot at making the post season. For teams like the Royals they know by March, for other teams, much later. But for all players, the grueling schedule of playing almost every single day with an average of two off days a month has got to be a grind. Even if you’re being paid millions to play a game, it can still be a major fucking grind. We are half way through our campaign and days like today feel like a grind for sure.

We raised more today than yesterday which should be the goal on every day, but it just kinda lulled along. One backer ever few hours. No new articles or blogs. No new podcasts. Nothing really new or anything and it seemed to reflect in everything surrounding the campaign.

Tomorrow (Thursday the 9th) may well prove to be the biggest day of the campaign so far. It may not reflect in the overall amount raised on the Kickstarter page, but it may well be. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh and by the way you can check out a new series of videos I’ll be posting over the next several days where I discuss each character from the script.


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