Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Five – The kindness of strangers

$15,326 : 334

The meeting with the potential investor was pushed to 2pm tomorrow. Make sure you send some good vibes this way around that time. It’s a short meeting. He’s already shown interest. I think he just wants to meet me and make sure I’m not an asshole 🙂 I’ll do my best.

NFL preseason kicked off tonight and as usual I watched it at my brothers house. When I got home I fired up my PC ready to send out thank you tweets and e-mails to the six backers that joined the crusade tonight.  I had a message on Kickstarter from Pablo Garcia who had this to say:

I am the social media coordinator and lead writer for and We were really moved by your project. I wrote an article for your Kickstarter campaign. Hope it helps!

We wish you al the best.

Pablo Garcia and

Most articles or blog posts or any sort of media which has run during this campaign was sought out. We asked sites if we could write for them. Some found us organically and sent over a questionnaire to fill out which I enjoyed doing as well, but no one that I know just suddenly decided to write about us. It’s not only touching but inspiring. It’s the kindness and generosity of not only people like Pablo Garcia who decided to write about us, but Kelly Hardwick who has threatened de-friending everyone she knows on Facebook if they don’t back us  or people I know with limited means giving me way more than they should because they believe in me and they believe in the movie.

It’s pretty awesome.

So if I haven’t thanked any of you recently or enough, well here’s another big giant THANK YOU for everything you ‘ve done so far.

Let’s keep it up shall we? Two more weeks to go. Two weeks is a lifetime in Kickstarter campaigns. I look forward to completing this journey with all of you.

And on that note, enjoy this video where I talk about Mikey O’Keefe, the second lead.

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