Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Six – Two weeks is a lifetime

$16,806 : 342

A producers job is to find you money. That’s basically their number one job. Line up people who might like your idea who have the funds to get your vision off the ground. That’s the gist of it. Sure there are several other things a producer does when it comes to actual production time, but in pre-pro it’s to line up funding.

At least that’s what I’m assuming. I wouldn’t really know at this point.

So today I put on my big boy pants and had my first meeting with an investor. If you’ve followed along you’ll remember this should be meeting number two but my friends are afraid of strippers or something. Some friends right?

So the meeting went extremely well and that’s about all I can say at this point.

We had our first submitted auditions! Some of you have asked to read the script and offered to put together audition tapes. We got our first one today from Rachel Boyde and she did a great job with it. It’s always fun to see your dialogue read aloud. If she’s comfortable with it, I’ll be sharing it with you on here.

One of my favorite saying is “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” Self belief and confidence is infectious.  It’s often why certain politicians don’t gather support because it can be quite obvious when you know someone is full of shit. It’s probably an evolved brain activity.

We are at $17,000 with two weeks to go. Two weeks is a lifetime in Kickstarter campaigns. There is no doubt in mind at this point that we’ll make it. With the amount of press we’ve received and the e-mails I get. There are over 342 of you who have pledged and become part of this campaign and part of the crusade. I’m going to need each of you for the next two weeks to help spread the word.

You saw what happened last week when a group of talented people worked together and set their minds on a specific goal. Making a movie isn’t landing on Mars but it can feel that difficult sometimes.

I look forward to standing in the end zone with each of you two weeks from tonight and congratulating you all on a job well done.

Then I’ll go puke when I realize I actually have to make this movie now.

Here is another video in my series called “The Characters”. This is Tommy Frenzetti:

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