Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Seven – Producers

$17,476 : 346

Now through tomorrow night, that being August 12th, 11:59 PM if you pledge or up your pledge to $75 or more we will give you producer credit on the film.


The opening credits will include a line which reads: Produced by: [YOUR NAME]

I feel like a fucking car sales man promoting it, but it worked so far. We had six people so far up their pledges and one new backer who gave $150.

I uploaded two new “audition” videos from Rachel Boyde who put together some nice work for the Deanna and Natalie role.

I also uploaded the Danny video so now you can check out all four main characters and learn more about them.

You can just visit my vimeo page here.

Have had a few more actors contact me about putting together some audition tapes. Actually I believe the technical term is more “sides” on tape as these aren’t true auditions per se. But whatever. If you’re interested in performing a scene or scenes let me know.

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