Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Eight – The Newsroom is starting to suck less

$18,767 : 349

If you’re keeping score at home, notice out total backer count went up only by three today, but our raised amount went over $1000?

How did this happen?

We asked.


Just asked.

Granted we offered current backers Producer credit by upping their pledge to $75 or more, and many did.  31 to be exact as of this writing. The offer expires in an hour so I’m sure 31 will be the final sum. So if in a year or two you go watch the movie and you see a lot of names listed in “Produced by” in the opening credits, you’ll know why.

Pretty amazing really.

On a side note, have you been watching “The Newsroom”? It’s the new Aaron Sorkin show on HBO. I’m a huge Sorkin fan. But even I find his holier than though self righteous crap annoying at times. The Newsroom was awful early on. Well written but awful. Then it got less awful. Now I actually kinda like it. I seriously love Olivia Munn. Seriously. Wonder how much it would cost to cast her? I’m guessing more than our entire budget.

See you guys on Day Twenty Nine.

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