Kickstarter Campaign: Day Twenty Nine – I’d rather fuck the prom queen

$19,200 : 355

I like math. As a software developer I’m much more left brained than right. I like to see data, visualize data and act on data. I like screenwriting over novel writing because there is a syntax to a screenplay. It fits with the way I view and think of things.

It was understood prior that 33% was the magic number. You raise 33% of your Kickstarter goal and your chances go up significantly. A new study of Kickstarter stats reveals that if you raise 20% of your goal you have a 90% chance of succeeding. We’re at 19.2% with about ten days to go.

Still completely possible for us to succeed. Hell, I’d say it’s probable.

$20,000 is a monstrous sum of money raised. That was just about my entire student loan debt.

What would $20,000 pay for? Well $10,000 of that would pay for us to rent and shoot with a Red EPIC for 18-21 days along with many other accessories thrown in, including a truck. $10,000 could go to one solid actor to lead the movie.

Why a Red EPIC?

Why the fuck not?

Now imagine what another $80,000 would do for the movie? Better actors. Better sound. Better everything.

But Jack, why not aim lower? I mean, you don’t really need that much to shoot a movie these days.

Yes, this is true. Thanks for chiming in Mr. straw man.

I’ve received similar comments to these lately and I think some people are missing the point of this entire campaign.

I can’t go the typical route most indie film makers go.

Not at this point at least. Maybe if in my twenties I started down this path then sure I had many years left. But, for starters I never thought I’d actually ever even try to make a film as I see myself more as a writer. But with time ticking down on my visual acuity it’s shit or get off the pot time. I can’t spend a lot of time making short films, submitting short films to festivals, going to festivals, getting rejected by festivals, learning, shooting another short.

It’s fuck the prom queen time. Or don’t.

I’d rather fuck the prom queen.

Metaphorically of course.

Let’s fuck the prom queen.

See you on Day thirty.

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