Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty – Carla was the prom queen.

As this campaign marches toward completion I can’t help but think of all the people who have backed the project, tweeted about the project, offered up advice (good and bad) and how humbling it all can be.

It’s a really bad economy. I know this. You know this. Yet the sheer generosity of people who give $1 or even $500 simply amazes me. Even if we don’t make it to the final $100,000 goal I’ll always remember those “new backer alert” e-mails and realize the kind spirit and generosity of people who not only support indie film, but support artists who want to try and do their own thing.

If you’re thinking about running a Kickstarter, and this entire blog series is basically for you. This was intended as an uncensored look into what goes on during the grueling marathon that a Kickstarter campaign can be. I’d also hope that none of my posts discourage you. Each and every project is different. Each campaign is different. My success or failure has no real bearing on whether or not you will succeed or fail.

While you will get your fair share of unsolicited advice informing you of everything you’re doing wrong, you might get an e-mail from someone you inspired to start writing again or who was inspired to go pursue their dreams. And that type of e-mail will always drown out any of the naysayers. I think it’s also helpful if you’re new to putting your creativity out there. It’s the first step in gauging fan reaction and more importantly critical reaction.

This post wasn’t very specific on the daily grind but just an overall reflection on the campaign as a whole.

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