Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty One – Keep Trying

$20,691 : 369

Stop me if you’ve heard me say this, but fuck it I’ll say it again.

Projects which reach 20% of their funding goal succeed at a 90% rate.

We passed 20% yesterday.

Does that mean that suddenly the heavens will open and the good lord will smile down upon me? No. It just means that to reach 20% means you have a base. A following. A legion of backers who will most likely help you over the finish line. There’s no magic formula that happens.

We’re coming up on exactly one week left and I’m amazed that it’s gone by so quickly. It’s been a whirlwind. Check out our press page and see all of the awesome things people have said about this campaign. You own part of that. You helped with that. Win or lose, we achieved a lot.

Yesterday I spent a little over two hours on an internet sports radio show. My friend Jim Poljak is pursuing his dream of being a Chicago Sports radio VJ. Two years ago he came within inches of realizing that dream. He finished 3rd in The Score Search. 670 The Score does a talent search each year where the winner gets their own show on the weekend. Seriously. You get your own radio show in a major market on the biggest sports radio show in Chicago. And he came in 3rd. THIRD!! My screenplay finished in the top 100 of a contest and for all I know I was number 100, meaning not really close. But he finished THIRD. Did he quit? No. Did he cry? Probably. I would’ve too. But he dusted himself off and is still trying.

That’s all you can do at some point. Keep trying.

Once I have the link to that recording I’ll post it if you’re interested in hearing me talk about the movie, Kickstarter and my uninformed and unresearched opinions about sports.

Nick Hilton also wrote an amazing article about the campaign. It’s seriously my favorite one written so far.

Onward to victory good mates.

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