Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty Three – All I wanted was a Pepsi

We have almost exactly one week left. We’ve crossed a significant threshold of 20% – now we just need to bring it home. How the hell do we plan on doing that? Well a few things.

1. Facebook Ads. I agree with GM a bit that they’re not exactly useful as I’ve rarely ever clicked on any but we might as well try right? So for the next 7 days, we’ll have $100 worth of ads running per day. That should put the ad in front of tens of thousands of people per day. Hopefully we get a lot of bites.

2. Google Ads: Right now we’re just testing keywords with some free promotion ads we got. That’s at $100 right now. Cost per click is over $2.00 so it can be expensive. But again, getting the project in front of the most people.

3. Your Help. There are close to 400 of you. A Facebook post or tweet with a call to action is critical. Simply tweeting the link, retweeting me or posting a link, while very much appreciated doesn’t carry the same weight as you posting the link and asking your social network to help. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you just ask. I’ve had a few people ask me “what should I say?” I could write you copy, but social networking is all about your social network. You know your friends, fans and family better than I ever could, so just make it personal to you. Why did you back this campaign? Write that, add the link and we’ll cross our fingers. It’s important to emphasize the all or nothing Kickstarter model and to reinforce the timing. One week = urgency. All or nothing = urgency.

4. Special giveaways. Working on this. But we’ll have something like “Person to up their current reward by the most on this day wing X”  Steve Anderson did that on his successful Kickstarter and someone upped their pledge from $!00 to $10,000  Last week we did the “up your pledge get producer credit” which proved quite successful. So we’ll try and have something like that every day from Monday – Friday next week.

5. Hardwork.

6. Dedication

I’ve said it before and it will always be true. Nothing worth achieving ever came easily. I’m sure it appears to have to some, but there’s usually a much longer story behind that of struggle and perseverance.

The final week has officially begun. We need to raise 400% of what we’ve already raised to make it.

I got you right where I want you.

Let’s do this.

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