Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty Five – Dov Simens backed my project

Dov Simens backed the project. That’s kinda cool. He’s a guy who runs a 2-day film school seminar type thing. I was debating on buying his DVD set when this project succeeds as I have zero directing experience and frankly would need a lot of help to get read. Hopefully I have a reason to buy his product in a few days.

We are one backer away from 400.

Five days left in the campaign.

The Facebook Ads seem to be generating a decent click through rate, I just have no idea if they’re delivering backers. There are a lot of things Kickstarter’s dashboard could improve upon and this would be one area. To allow us to more target avenues such as this. I’m sure they’re working on that.

This is the last weekend I’ll ever spend working on a Kickstarter. I’ve gotta say the weekends have been pretty rough. Last week was great with the “up your pledge/producer promo” which worked tremendously in getting current backers to up their pledge, but in so far as getting new backers the weekends just have been dreadful. Hence why I skipped an update last night as there was almost nothing I could think to write about. Actually Matthew Lillard backed the project yesterday which was really cool but that would’ve been one sentence and that’s not really an update, that’s a tweet/facebook status and you can be damn sure I did that.

About five weeks ago I hit the launch button on Kickstarter. It was after I think the 2nd or 3rd episode of The Newsroom. A show I’ve grown to like more and more even as I hate many aspects of it more and more. It’s classic Sorkin as I’ve said a million times, which is good and bad. He has a way of character development, mainly with the main character, in giving him just enough of a flaw that it makes it compelling to me. His scene transitions and cuts, while often attributed to the editor, and possibly so, are just so well done to keep you engrossed in the world these people live in.

I have no idea what my point was going to be other than, this is the last Sunday of the campaign.

Have you ever seen Swingers? There’s a scene where Ron Livington is talkig to Jan Favreau about that gut wrenching feeling of loss you have after a break up. How you live with it so long and then one day it’s just gone and in a weird masochistic way you miss that feeling for the same reason you miss the girl: it was there so long. I think next Sunday night, win or lose, I’ll be watching the season finale of both True Blood and The Newsroom and part of me will be thinking of what my blog post should be and then it’ll hit me.

Thanks again for reading along with me. I know a lot of people aren’t reading this blog now, but this was kinda meant for future Kickstarter creators to just see the thoughts and random occurrences one deals with over the course of the campaign.

Only five of these posts remain. I hope they’re good ones.




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