Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty Six – Bring the mothereffin Film Courage

I launched this campaign with Film Courage. At some point back in April, my friend and fellow screenwriter Kelly Anelons mentioned being asked to write a blog for Film Courage. She then pased my information on to them and that’s how we got in touch.

We didn’t launch until three months later but I already knew the post I was going to write.

At my current company, we used to have to write a blog post once a month. This was how my co-workers realized I didn’t just write code but enjoyed writing. Actually I don’t really enjoy writing. It’s a pain in the ass and takes way too much mental energy. Coding is much easier at times. But anyway. I like having written something. I think I heard John August say that and it made perfect sense to me.

Anyway, I wrote a post called GO BIG OR GO BLIND. I think it’s a bit corny and I stole it from an old co-worker named Dave. But it summed up the entire campaign. If I had a buck for each person who told me to set my goal amount lower I’d have like twelve bucks. The point of this campaign was to go all out and try and raise a reasonable budget or to not. The article basically talked about my slow descent toward severe visual impairment. It was self plagiarized from a blog post I wrote for my monthly company blog posts. It was obviously tweaked to fit the film angle but it summed up my condition perfectly.

Film Courage has been there from the beginning.

And they’re definitely there at the end in a big ass way.

Today they suspended promoting their own Indie Go Go campaign for the world wide release of their film Goodbye Promise to focus all their efforts on getting 4 of a Kind to 100% completion.

That’s insane.

That’s crazy generous.

Kickstarting can be some of the most self righteous, self promoting crap you’ll ever do. You’re basically raising a sign for 30+ days saying “hey please look at me and I don’t know give me five bucks or some shit” It’s not really flattering by any means. You constantly toe the line between cute and friendly and annoying as fuck.

So in the midst of their OWN campaign, Film Courage is putting all their efforts toward 4 of a Kind.

The internet is not a shitty place and it is damn well worth fighting for when poeple like that exist.

Thank you again David and Karen. Seriously. Unfuckinreal.

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