Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty Seven – Ten things I’m glad I got to see

I’ve visited the same eye doctor every year for the past twenty seven years. You should see the chart. Today one of his fellows read to me the initial diagnosis report taken from an EKG which measured my really poor cone and rod functionality.

That was in 1987.

I was diagnosed with cone rod dystrophy that day, but today I learned I could’ve just as easily been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. My cones were failing worse than my rods at the time, only slightly which is why I’m cone-rod not rod-cone.

Anyway, trip down memory lane.

The results of today’s visit? Same as usual. I haven’t had a fields test in about three years and the results showed about three years of deterioration. Nothing dramatic, just expected. Center vision is still “good” and I still have this weird temporal island on the far reaches of my peripheral vision which is still really strong.

So more of the same basically, although I was instructed to wear my contacts less and sunglasses more.

So back to the point of this article.

Ten things I’m glad to have seen in no particular order whatsoever.

1. The earth flying at me at over 150mph while skydiving from 14,000 feet.

2. Omaha Beach. Pointe Du Hoc. Basically the D-Day landing beaches and the American cemetary in Normany, France.

3. My nieces: Emily and Molly. I don’t plan on having kids so they’re close enough.

4. The look on my girlfriends face when I gave her an engagement ring.

5. October 26, 2005. The Chicago White Sox win the World Series.

6. While the Chicago Bears lost the 2006 Superbowl, it was great to see them be a part of it. I don’t remember the ’85 team and I’m kinda glad. While they were amazingly dominant, they’re pretty freaking annoying these days.

7. London, Paris, New York. Las Vegas. You know the big touristy crap, but it was definitely worth seeing.

8. Dr. Henry Klassen’s talk on stem cells. This guy gives me hope.

9. My name on the Top 100 lists for Project Greenlight season three. I know some people think this isn’t a big deal and the Nicholl is all that counts, but I didn’t know what the Nicholl was when this happened. 99% of people don’t know what the Nicholl is either. This was the first vindication that I should keep writing.

10. The amazing outpouring of support for this project. I’ve written about it before but it’s things like Kickstarter and Film Courage which can show how not-so-shitty the internet can be. Everything doesn’t need to turn into youtube comments.

I’m guessing seeing my movie would probably knock the Bears not winning the Superbowl off this list. Just a guess.

Just over two more days.

One response to “Kickstarter Campaign: Day Thirty Seven – Ten things I’m glad I got to see

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