After the Kickstarter, What’s Next?

What’s Next? – President Bartlet

The West Wing is one of my favorite favorite television series and one of the catchphrases President Bartlet used was “What’s next?” Sorkin crafted it quite well and fit it into many sobering and many thrilling instances.

So….what’s next for me or the 4 of a Kind Film?

In the immediate aftermath of the failed Kickstarter, I just wanted to not think about it for a day or two. This was an all encompassing project that lasted five months prior to launching, then the 40 days we actively ran the campaign and I just wanted to free my mind of it and not think about it. Other than that, I wanted to immediately launch again. My only concern was, do I set the goal at $50k? How bout the exact amount we raised: $64,515? What about if I set the new goal at $100,001. There were several arguments for and against each of these options which I had with many people.

I ultimately decided on launching again and setting the goal at $100,001. That was the bare minimum I wanted to make this movie with and I didn’t want to come back and say….welllllll let’s try $50k.

So $100,001 was the goal. I setup a new Kickstarter campaign and was about a day away from relaunching.

Then I realized I hadn’t done anything new to ensure that I’d reach $100k this time around. Granted I raised my twitter followers by 400% and there are over 800 people who backed the project that I could immediately reach out to – but I still fell short by close to $40k – almost 40%.

I didn’t want to launch again and fail again. Granted I’m not afraid of failing, not at all. I’m afraid of looking like I didn’t learn something from the first attempt and just relaunching again with no new plan or strategy to achieve that extra 40%.  There are too many campaigns I’ve seen, and I’m sure you’ve seen who fail, launch again for slightly less – fail again, then go to Indie  Go Go and raise a fraction of what they raised on Kickstarter. At some point the market is telling you that either your marketing strategy sucks or your product sucks.

I’m not sure what the market told me.

I also never came up with another strategy or approach to get that extra 40% I’m missing.

So again, what’s next?

Well I’m not going to run another Kickstarter until I figure out that final piece which is to say: probably not anytime soon if ever.

What I am doing is putting together ideas to cut together a sizzle reel/trailer to showcase to investors and possibly on the Kickstarter page if I run another one in the future. If you’ve seen the Daredevil sizzle reel or the Looper sizzle reel you’ll see what I’m going for. Pretty incredible stuff.

So this blog posts was about 500 words of me letting you know that nothing is really on the agenda at this point. I’ll be piecing together the sizzle reel and hopefully it comes together. Some of my sources of material will be Goodfellas, The Dark Knight, The Departed, Casino etc.. I’m sure you could gather that from the type of screenplay I wrote but hopefully it comes out well.

Either way, hope you’ve all been well.

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