Hi, I’m Jack Marchetti, the writer of a screenplay called “4 of a Kind”. We are trying to make this script into a feature film, and with your help. We’re currently prepping our kickstarter video and laying the ground work for the campaign to come. For more information about the script or kickstarter in general, keep reading. Thanks for coming.

4 of a Kind

4 of a Kind is a feature length screenplay written by Jack Marchetti . It’s been in the works for almost nine years. It was the first screenplay I ever wrote where I felt like I was a writer.  I still didn’t know what I was doing and wrote almost forty pages of back story before actually getting into the guts of the story. So I know these characters really well. I like these characters. I’d probably be friends with them in real life, which is why the ending hits me each time I read it. The story is about these four friends and how they ultimately betray one another, not necessarily on purpose. It’s about loyalty, and respect, and friendship and betrayal. What makes this screenplay, and hopefully movie different from any other mob or crime drama is the characters. This isn’t an action movie. Sure there’s a shootout here or there and people get got for sure, but we tell the story from the perspective of each individual character, including the police as they investigate them. They refer to this as the Dickensian aspect.


Kickstarter is an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Just go to the site and you’ll figure out what they’re trying to do. One of the key things about Kickstarter is that it is an all or nothing proposition. If you set out to raise $500,000 and you only raise $300,000 – you get none of it. This is of course done to protect those who backed the project from spending money on a project that won’t be produced.

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