Kickstarter rewards for films and why you shouldn’t offer Blu-Ray discs as a reward

I’ve backed about 19 projects on Kickstarter and almost all of them were films. Maybe a video game here or there, but almost all films.

When you back a film, almost at any reward level, but typically below fifty bucks you expect to receive some copy of the finished film whether it bea digital download, or a hard copy in the form of a DVD.

As I was putting together the rewards for my Kickstarter which should be launching in a matter of weeks, god willing, I wanted to give away Blu-Rays. I mean why not, they look better – a lot better – and a lot of people have them nowadays.

One small problem though Рthe digital rights management associated with blu ray authoring. Authoring is just the process of prepping a master disc for replication. They basically take one disc, and from that one disc make the thousands or millions of other discs. So if you want to use Blu-Ray you need to obtain an AACS license. AACS stands for Advanced Access Control System and it contains all the relevant keys, and encryption crap you need to author a Blu-ray.

Well that’s all fine and dandy, but the AACS cots $3000 or $500 per year, over 10 years. Now if you’re a studio or production company which shoots lots of films then you probably already have this or your distributor does this, so it’s no big deal to offer it. But if you’re trying to raise the full budget on Kickstarter and this is your first rodeo well… forget the Blu-Ray¬†option.

So lesson to be learned here. Ensure that your rewards aren’t going to break the bank. For instance I was going to give the Blu-Ray away at the $50 reward level. I’d have to have 60 backers at that level alone before their money went towards the actual film budget.

For more information on AACS follow this link.