John Collins

“If that ain’t a bad beat, then what is? Nagasaki.” – John

John Collins, 20s, Mikey’s best friend and Natalie’s brother. A scout sniper in the United States Marine Corps. Silver star and bronze medal with valor recipient. Was Vincent’s hand-picked rising star until he decided to enlist in the military – thus paving the way for Mikey’s rise.

After returning home, he’s recruited by a private security firm as well as Vincent. He has no interest in rejoining the ranks in either sense and is intrigued by Natalie’s mention of settling down and opening a bar or a restaurant or pool hall with her. Nat and John’s stick and balls? Perhaps.

While contemplating the decision, Natalie’s murder sends him into a downward spiral of despair as he searches to find her killer and bring them to justice.

For the trailer animatic, Chris Ashworth of “The Wire” fame provided the voice for this character.

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